And performance season begins! The first half of the year was pretty quiet; a lot of time was spent learning about the tedious, boring bits of being an independent artist: grant and proposal applications, and… That’s it. And it’s a huge “it” taking up copious amounts of time, energy and emotional goodwill. It’s certainly not why I signed up to become an artist, but it is part of the life in today’s artistic world.

(If all of you help me get famous quick, though, maybe I’ll be able to hire someone to help out with all of this work. Kthxbye.)

But anyway, after that first half of the year (which included competing in the Arena Dance Competition in Singapore with Orikami, a really random assortment of friends, but very cool people indeed, a performance at the Dancebox Festival in Kuala Lumpur and an experiment at SCOPE at Dance Nucleus in Singapore), it’s time to be performing again!

Here’s a picture of the poster for the performance in Victoria, on one of the dining tables in our AirBnB.

Here’s a picture of the poster for the performance in Victoria, on one of the dining tables in our AirBnB.

Tomorrow, 3rd July, I’ll be performing Ignoramus with the Dab Dance Project (S. Korea) - made up of Kim Ho-yeon and Lim JungHa) at Dance Victoria in Victoria BC, Canada. More information here.

The Dab Dance Project will be performing in Vancouver too, at the Dancing On The Edge festival, on the 5th and 6th; I won’t be dancing, but I will be there to help them film their work. More information here.

I will, though be teaching a workshop - organised by the amazing Julie Chapple - at Future Leisure. This is happening on the 6th of July. In Vancouver, and wanna hang out on a Saturday afternoon? Click here.

From there, we head back down to Singapore, where we’ve got a couple of days to rehearse, courtesy of Dance Nucleus, before presenting Ignoramus again on the Open Stage platform of the M1 Contact Contemporary Dance Festival, where Ignoramus was born last year. (This festival, together with the Seoul Dance Connection, commissioned the collaboration between the Dab Dance Project and myself last year. ) This performance happens on the 20th of July (Programme C of Open Stage). Once again, more information here!

And call it bad planning on my part, but the very next day, Paradigm Shift - Beyond the Threshold happens! On the 21st of July, the 3rd edition of Paradigm Shift is taking place, and will be held at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, who have come on, for the second year running, as a collaborator, together with Frontier Danceland, to make this event possible. This year, Paradigm Shift is drawing inspiration from The Hero’s Journey, a plot structure derived from the study of world myths and religions done by Joseph Campbell. This structure is described in detail in his book The Hero with a Thousand Faces, and is gonna lead to hopefully, a pretty interesting evening. Wanna know more? Click here.

After that, we head to Penang for a couple of days, to continue developing - refining, making better - Ignoramus, ‘cause we’re gonna head back to South Korea for performances at the Chuncheon Arts Festival and New Dance for Asia. If you hit the second link (in this paragraph. Haha!) you’ll see that I’m also presenting The Art of Falling, a solo that was made last year, at New Dance for Asia.

And that’s it! After a flurry of activity in July and August, there’ll be a little bit of time off, to relax and prepare for the next projects, that’ll be coming up pretty quick after that. But that’s a story for another day.

If you’d like to watch any of these performances, or have friends in Victoria, Vancouver, Singapore, Chuncheon or Seoul who would like to watch, please spread the word! It’d be great to see you in the audience, and even better if you stopped me to say hi and have a chat after that.

And till that chat… it’s time to work.

I would like to thank Seoul Dance Center for providing a three-week residency to myself and the Dab Dance Project, for rehearsals and the development of Ignoramus in preparation for this run of performances. And, of course, the M1 Contact Contemporary Dance Festival and Seoul Dance Connection for commissioning the creation of the piece in the first place. Dance Nucleus in Singapore has also provided and continues to provide support for both Ignoramus and The Art of Falling. Nucleus is the space where the piece was first made, and Ho-yeon, JungHa, and myself, first started to struggle with communicating with each other. It’s been over a year since we first met now, but there’s still much to learn, working between countries, cultures, and languages.

I’d also like to thank Rimbun Dahan for providing the residency last year that allowed for the creation of The Art of Falling.

MyDance Alliance graciously provided support for the long trip to Korea and then Canada; things would have been much tighter without the grant that they provided.

Also, a huge shout-out to David Ferguson and Suddenly Dance Theatre for hosting and organising the performance in Dance Victoria.

Finally, Settlements Co-Working Space in Penang has graciously provided the Dab Dance Project and myself a few days to rehearse in their space. It’ll be an interesting experience, rehearsing while also being back home. But a good one, I trust!

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