And The Travels Begin Again

Today I started travelling again.

“Again” in the sense of “I’ve just left Malaysia for another country.”

The first bit of the travelling isn’t particularly out of the ordinary, really. I’m in Singapore now, a country where I’ve spent over a third of my life, staying with friends that I’ve lived with for over two years (including all the time that I’ve spent visiting since I uprooted from Singapore mid-2017. Boy, it’s been almost two years without a full-time job!)

After Singapore though, this trip will take me to Korea, then on to North America, which I haven’t been to since I was a wee kiddo, not even 10 years old. I’m pretty excited!

I’ll try to keep this blog updated with posts about what’s happening where, and let you know what I like (and dislike) about a particular city.

In the meanwhile, where should I visit, what should I do, in Seoul (Korea), Los Angeles, and Victoria BC (Canada)? What have you done in those places that you liked/loved, and think that I should do? (No promises I’ll get around to them, but I’ll do my best to make space for ‘em!)

As mentioned earlier, excitement is growing for this trip. I’m in Singapore now for SCOPE #6, a weekend of presentations by performing artists on their work, as well as a workshop by Nik Haffner at Dance Nucleus, on Forsythe’s Improvisation Technologies, and then heading to Seoul after that for a couple of weeks of rehearsal with the guys from the Dab Dance Project, Ho-yeon and JungHa, before we perform our work Ignoramus in Victoria (the trip to LA is a small in-between, for my cousin’s graduation from his PhD course). Later on, Ignoramus will be presented at the M1 Contact Contemporary Dance Festival in Singapore on the 20th of July on the Open Stage platform, and later we’ll be performing at New Dance for Asia in Korea in August.

It’s pretty evident that the Dab Dance Project guys and myself enjoy working together, and creating opportunities for the future. Watch out, for bigger things to come!

Travelling is something that I’m really thankful to be able to do. It’s not something that the majority of people in this world get to experience, though it is relatively commonplace among my peer groups of young urban professionals who went to university and are working in good jobs.

I didn’t go to university, and I’m sure lotsa people think that I’m not working in a good job. But hey, it’s taken me around the world, and I believe that it’ll continue to do so, and that’s good enough for me. For the moment, at least.

At times, not having a place to truly call home, that is my own, and that I can shape into the image that I desire, is pretty trying. Packing and unpacking a suitcase every few weeks is not the most fun thing to do, and is certainly the worst part of being nomadic. This doesn’t mean that I’m not thankful for these opportunities, by the way; it’s just letting you know that all the perks that come with travelling also come with a price.

That’s it for now. Many things are happening, in the months to come!

If you’re in Singapore and would like to see me share some of my art and give insight into my creative practice over the past few years, head down to Dance Nucleus at 3pm this Saturday, the 4th of May! There are presentations happening from 1pm all the way till 8pm, and on Friday as well.

Or keep an eye out for Paradigm Shift, which I’ll be organising for the 3rd year. It’s gonna be held on the 21st of July this year, and there are some big surprises in store!

Till the next one.

Wei-An Hwa