We All Fall Down's YouTube Channel

Well, this is happening.

After all my years of training, my brain is about to explode, so this is meant to be a little bit of a pressure release.

I kid. It’ll probably be more pressure to regularly produce videos with quality content than it is to just let information sit in my head. But I truly believe that dance should be something that everyone can appreciate and enjoy, and which makes a positive difference in people’s lives. That’s what this YouTube channel is aimed towards: teaching people dance and its principles so that whether or not you desire to dance professionally, you can see what dancers (or at least this dancer) have learned about health and fitness and how it can benefit you.

Also launching together with this YouTube channel is my Patreon account, which you can contribute to if you would like to support the production of high quality dance tutorials, as well as the development of my art. And in return for supporting me, you’ll receive any content created in your inbox, as well as links to full videos of my performances.

Find out more here.

Thanks very much! See you soon.

Wei-An HwaComment